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Our privacy and statment set up that how we supervise you personal information. As we know that how main it is to you, therefore, how we use your personal information so that you have to decide you want to give your personal information to us, so as we give you our service and offers which you want to get. We hold your personal information until we confirm your details. Our employees are personally in charge of to keep your details because we provide them training to remind about their responsibility. We may update our website’s privacy policy time to time.

Way to get your information.

We get information about you for instance:

• You give statement when you apply credit report.
• You are to give you Email address, Phone number when you register to get service.
• We keep you mobile number to call to get detail about your IP address which is operating on your system.
• We already hold some information when you visit our website by you cookies

Set up personal informationInformation we hold about you

We are controller of you data and we hold it and use information about you:

• Personal information like your Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Employment, Date of Birth and any financial details

• Your demographic information.

• Information about your account how you are using.

• Your purchasing payment bills and insurance

Other information which is reasonable operating your account and about you health and medical which are process to provide you long term service. We do not share your personal information any third party only we work with credit reference agency to ensure about our lender.

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